Irish Etiquette Part 3: How to Talk about Brexit.

There’s no point in trying to pretend you know what’s going on with Brexit. Forget about trying to predict what will happen and when. No one has the first notion. Nonetheless it gets talked about and we have to know what to do when encountering the situation. Here are a few dos and don’ts. Seánie puts it across in his own inimitable style and passion. Be sure not to miss out on future publications. “Subscribe willu?” as he says himself quite a lot.

More Taxes, More Government & Less Free Speech

Seánie McRant asks the people of Cork how they feel about the Internet, Free Speech, Google, Facebook, Article 13, Google banning Gemma O’Doherty, Government, and Paying Tax. While thankfully they showed an outstanding lack of awareness regarding issues of taxation, where it comes from, and what it’s used for, disappointingly they were not on board with Seánie’s desires to chop down the Internet Tree. They like Free Speech but they also support the people who want to shut it down….. Confusing to say the least.

Seánie will never give up his stated mission to subvert freedom of expression. One day people will understand that their opinon not only doesn’t count, but hampers progress towards complete domination by Those Who Know Better. It’s difficult to say how long this will take, but we’re getting there bit by bit, one day at a time.

Conversations: Should We Ban The Internet?

Seánie McRant took to the streets of Cork City in Ireland to ask ordinary people what they think about getting rid of the internet. The answers were varied and interesting, but it was evident that Seán is going to have to work very hard to achieve his goal. It seems that most people are still very much tied to the web despite the obvious fact that we’d be a million times better off without it.

Facebook #MeArse

Why would you be sitting down looking at Facebook? What’s wrong with you? This video recounts a conversation between Seánie McRant and a friend in the pub about the Idiot’s favourite past-time: Facebook.

Seánie rips Facebook a new one here. He dissects the intricate details of Facebook activities and as usual provides blindingly accurate analysis.

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The Internet must be stopped!

Seánie McRant delivers a vital message to humanity. “To hell with all this aul “free speech” Throughout the ages we have been told how to live our lives by those who know better than we do. What was the problem with that? The internet is allowing people to share all kinds of opinions about whatever they like. No, we can’t be having it!”

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“Too many people are watching cat videos.”

To Hell with the Yellow Vests!

Seánie spreads a message of support for the EU. With his usual eloquent manner he dismantles the myth of Free Speech as a benefit to the CITIZENS of the European Union. He highlights the importance of communicating clearly and getting one’s message across fast. Find out how you too can join in the fight against the Internet. Visit for more information.

The internet is an abomination. Why would you want to be doing looking at facebook and other auld weird things?

No, tis time to put a stop to it.

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Seánie McRant, Saving Humanity from The Internet.

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